Friday, 15 June 2018

Ethical Sapphires & Sea glass....Something Blue....and just a little different

Teal blue ethical Malawi sapphires combined with yellow and white gold, and turquoise sea glass....
I was so excited when Neeraj commissioned me to make his ring....😃
I had just one piece of turquoise in my collection to fit the bill in terms of hue and size - yes just ONE! True turquoise is even rarer than blue sea glass, so I had to be so, so careful during the shaping and setting processes until it was secure in its 14ct recycled gold bezel setting.  The feedback I received says it all, and it was so wonderful to receive!

"Thank you. The ring is magnificent. The sea glass and sapphires are beautiful 
next to each other and I love the almost unpolished effect of the silver and gold. 
I've never seen a ring quite so unique and which works so well together.

I've never worn a ring before (always finding them cumbersome) ......... 
Your ring, however, is perfect - not only in fit but in style.

I adore the sea and nature and the central sea glass reminds me 
of the shallow waters on the Isle of Harris. They are also a striking blue too. 
Thank you ever so much."

Many, many  congratulations to the Happy Couple! 🎉 And thank you so much for the opportunity to make something just a little bit different for you, I'm really very pleased with the way it turned out x

If you're interested in working with me to realise your ideas for a unique engagement ring, head over to my website or find me on all the usual social platforms.  It's definitely always good to plan well in advance, I have a small waiting list so it would be wise to get in touch and be added, I'll then be in touch with you once I can start work on your romantic project 💍 
Kate x